Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CD'S Have Arrived

Awesome news. We have just received 1,000 copies of our debut mixtape  and we will be handing them out all over the place.

If you see us or someone wearing a  Dusk To Dawn T-shirt at Levelz Sports bar on April 7th for the Pimps and Hoes Ball, just come up to them and ask if you can get a copy of our cd and they will either give you one or direct you to the person who has them.

We encourage you to copy the cd and give it to anyone you want to.  Copy that shit and give it away.

We hope to see you at the show. 

And to all you pimps out there, we also encourage you to bring all them hoes along with you.  The night promises to be EPIC !!!

Caliber & Young Bake

Dusk To Dawn


Sunday, March 25, 2012

What's up everyone?  Well we figured that we should jump into the blog arena like everyone else, so here we are.  As of March 14th we have just dropped our debut mixtape titled "Dusk To Dawn" you can download the MixTape here Dusk To Dawn's MixTape

We want to thank Balicki Beats for the production. 

April 7th we will be performing at Levelz Sports Bar on the South Side.

If your new to Dusk To Dawn, get to know us by visiting our music page.  DtD on Reverb Nation

Caliber & Young Bake make up Dusk To Dawn, currently the fastest rising duo in the Pittsburgh area.  We can be found on FB at Face Book Music Page

You can follow along with us on twitter @DuskToDawnPgh

Over the next week we along with out street team members will be invading the city to hand out 1,000 of our mixtapes and stickers.  What separates us from others?  Each and every fan means something to us.  We love this city and whatever happens down the road for us, we will not forget where we came from.  We are sure you have heard that many times in the past from others so all we can do is ask for you to give us the opportunity to show you otherwise.